Your early years are the best years to set the tone of your health in your old age. We have seen a great number of elderly people suffering from various ailments as a result of the unhealthy choices they made when they were younger.

As a youth, making healthy choices would save you a lot of pain, stress, and money in the future especially if you start now. To commemorate International Youth Day, we made a list of healthy habits that we feel every youth should have.

Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is recognized as the most important meal of the day and having a healthy breakfast assists in health and weight management. It helps to keep your blood sugar stable all day and fuels your body and brain so your productivity and concentration are approved. This helps your body to grow and stay healthy as you age.


At this point, exercising should be a part of your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be so elaborate, having a balanced workout routine is all you need. From a simple walk around the house or down the street, to going to the gym, exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. It helps to increase your energy level, burns excess fat, and also improves your body’s cardiovascular system’s performance. Your chances of developing geriatric conditions like Hypertension, obesity, Arthritis, Diabetes, etc. are lower if you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle from now on.


Reading is perhaps one of the most underrated health habits. By reading, you feed your brain and contribute to your mental development which will grow as you age. Reading exercises your brain and helps you build confidence and vocabulary skills as you grow older. If you’re not a ‘bookish’ person, you can try reading more interesting content like blog posts, video/voice book narrations, or any other picture or visual-led content that adds to your knowledge bank.

Drink lots of Water

You’re probably tired of hearing “drink water, drop cup”, but the truth is that water performs a lot of functions now as you are in your youth, and even as you get older. Water makes up about 70% of the body, and drinking water helps a number of the body organs, especially your kidneys.


Getting the required amount of sleep you need daily can work wonders for your body now and in the future. You need to have at least 8 hours of sleep daily to have a healthy and productive life in the future. Intentional sleep deprivation is not a sign of seriousness or hard work, it reduces your productivity and increases your chances of developing problems like Stroke, heart failure/heart attack, and high blood pressure in the future and sometimes even in your youth.

All these healthy habits would definitely change the game for you and your body! This is a reminder to start these habits now while there’s still time!

Happy International Youth Day!