World Hepatitis Day 2023 – We’re Not Waiting

On the 28th of July every year, the world is reminded and made aware of the menace that is Hepatitis. From yellow eyes to itchy skin to protruding abdomen, hepatitis causes a myriad of discomforting symptoms if not stopped early.   This year, the theme for the World Hepatitis Day is, ‘We are not waiting,’ and in fact, we can no longer wait. We can no longer wait until the symptoms become life-threatening before we begin treatment.  WHAT IS HEPATITIS?  Hepatitis simply means inflammation of the liver – in simpler sense, destruction of the liver cells.  Hepatitis can be caused by a number of factors – infection, alcohol, autoimmunity, drug overdose, or excessive fat. The commonest cause is viral infection, followed by alcohol. These two forms of hepatitis can be prevented and easily treated if noticed on time. Hence, the theme, ‘We are not waiting’.  Viral Hepatitis is an infection of [...]