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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide and as of March 2021, it accounted for 22.7% of all new cancer cases among women in Nigeria according to a publication by ASCO.  Just like many other types of cancer, early detection is very important and the need for regular screening cannot be overemphasized. As we join people across the world to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we've listed some of the symptoms you should watch out for below. Lump in the breasts This has been penned down as one of the earliest signs of breast cancer. A breast lump surrounded by skin that is dimpled or pimpled like an orange and is also irregularly shaped could be a sign of breast cancer. A self-test coupled with a consultation with a Doctor would confirm this. Pain in the breast and armpit Although pain in the breast and [...]

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6 foods that are good for the eyes

The human eye is one of the most important organs of the body, many indeed refer to it as the light of the body and they couldn’t be any more apt with that description.   While factors like age and eye defects/diseases could result in a decline in eye health over time, studies show that nutrients available in some foods may help protect your eyes and improve your eyesight.   Here are 6 of such foods you can find in local markets and stores around you.  Carrots Carrots are vegetables that are high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is said to be an important nutrient for eye health, as lack of it can lead to the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration, which can cause blindness in the eye. Fish By consuming fish, you allow omega 3-fatty acids into your body, as fishes are one of the sources for this. The omega-3 [...]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

Recently and more prevalently on social media, there’s been an increase in the mention of mental health and its general implication on individuals and society at large. This is due to the rise in the number of mental health cases worldwide and people’s willingness to open up about their personal mental health struggles. Undoubtedly, the state of your mental health can affect your entire well-being- positively if it’s in a good place and negatively if it’s in a bad state; this is why we’ve compiled five tips to help you boost your mental health and live a good life. Avoid self-criticism It is often said that we are our own biggest critics. This is fine, however, it can take its toll on your mental health. Excessive self-criticism can lead to feelings of self-doubt, hopelessness, and in the long run-a mental breakdown. Spend time with the people you love Find those [...]

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5 ways to reduce the risk of heart diseases

The heart is the primary organ of the circulatory system of the body responsible for pumping blood throughout the body and also supplying us with oxygen and nutrients. This means that every drop of blood we have in our bodies has passed through our hearts. We can therefore see how important the heart is, in order for us to live and stay healthy. The heart should be protected at all costs. Below are some measures to take to reduce the risk of having heart disease. Limit your sugar and salt intake Consuming large amounts of sugar and salt in our foods does us more harm than good. Although from a surface perspective, it makes your meals tastier; however, internally and in the long run, it can increase your blood pressure and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. It has been argued about which does more damage-sugar or salt, [...]

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How to know if your friend is suicidal

According to the World Health Organization in 2021, more than 700,000 people commit suicide yearly. In our society, we have seen a number of cases of seemingly happy, financially stable, and healthy individuals taking their own lives. Although we may not always be able to tell when a person is depressed and when they start having suicidal thoughts, there are some telltale signs that have been observed and associated with suicide over the years. 1. Self-harm This occurs when a person hurts themselves as a way of dealing with painful memories or situations. Though these individuals often do this privately, the marks can be observed on their bodies. Self-harm could be a step for a person before considering suicide. These individuals should be given professional assistance as soon as this is detected. 2. Withdrawing from others This is another common sign for individuals who commit suicide, especially for individuals who [...]

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Immunity-Boosting Foods For The Cold or Flu Season

Immunity-Boosting Foods For The Cold or Flu Season It’s that time of the year again. Cases of cold and flu are on the rise and if you haven’t caught it yet, you probably know one or two people who have. While we advice that you continue to observe the usual COVID-19 safety protocol, especially when you’re in crowded areas; there’s no better way to protect yourself than to boost your immune system. This can be done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating foods rich in nutrients that boost your immunity. To give you a better idea, we have compiled a list of foods that would help boost your immune system and reduce your chances of catching a cold or flu.   Citrus Fruits These include oranges, lemons, grape fruits and limes. They are rich in Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. They also contain plant compounds that have [...]

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5 Healthy Habits Every Youth Should Develop

Your early years are the best years to set the tone of your health in your old age. We have seen a great number of elderly people suffering from various ailments as a result of the unhealthy choices they made when they were younger. As a youth, making healthy choices would save you a lot of pain, stress, and money in the future especially if you start now. To commemorate International Youth Day, we made a list of healthy habits that we feel every youth should have. Eating a Healthy Breakfast Breakfast is recognized as the most important meal of the day and having a healthy breakfast assists in health and weight management. It helps to keep your blood sugar stable all day and fuels your body and brain so your productivity and concentration are approved. This helps your body to grow and stay healthy as you age. Exercise At [...]

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Breastfeeding Tips for Nursing Mums

According to the WHO, only about 41% of infants aged 0-6 months are exclusively breastfed and over 820,000 children could be saved yearly if all children aged 0-23months were optimally breastfed.  Breastfeeding is the best source of nourishment for infants and young children and the organization aims to increase the worldwide rate of exclusive breastfeeding to at least 50% by 2025. Benefits of Breastfeeding To the child: Breastfeeding contains all the nutritional requirements in the first six months of life in all the right proportions and also changes according to the baby’s needs, especially in the first month of life. Colostrum which is the first milk contains high protein, low sugar, Immunoglobin A as well as other antibodies that helps the baby’s digestive tract develop and also help to protect the infant from common childhood illnesses. Breastfeeding has also been linked to higher intelligence quotient in some studies and also [...]

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7 ways to prevent Hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that is caused by infectious viruses and non-infectious factors like excessive drinking of alcohol, toxins, and some medications. Hepatitis can be classified into five. There are hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. According to the Guardian Newspaper, there are over 19 million Nigerians living with Hepatitis. However, much attention has been drawn away from this disease due to the prevalence of Covid-19 and Monkeypox in recent times, but Hepatitis should not be taken for granted as it is even more common among Nigerians. Wondering how to prevent Hepatitis? These are some preventive measures that you can take to ensure that you keep hepatitis away from you and your household. Proper awareness and education Learn more about hepatitis from credible sources like your physicians and other medical practitioners around you. You could also visit your local primary health center and request communication materials [...]

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Telemedicine: Consult a Doctor Virtually

    Getting access to health care in a country like Nigeria can involve a lot of hustle, bustle, and mental gymnastics.  From the traffic you face on your way to the hospital, to the long queues at the hospital before a consultation with the doctor, waiting for a prescription, and so on; the entire journey can leave you feeling tired and stressed. Worry no more because Leadway Health's got your back 24/7. The newly launched interactive Telemedicine feature on our mobile app is just what you need. With this new feature, you can enjoy the following benefits- Consultation  and Bookings Say ‘No’ to long hospital consultation queues, we’ve brought the Doctor to you! You can pick up your phone, open the app and request to speak with a Doctor or Specialist from wherever you are. Yes! You can book an appointment with a specialist or talk to a doctor [...]

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