Corporate Plans

Get the best out of your employees with a
health insurance that works.


Nationwide Cover

Access to quality health care as required anywhere you go within the country.​


Talk to a licensed doctor, get prescription and many more over the phone even in the comfort of your own home.​

Personalised Care

Get quality medical care tailored to your specific needs and situation.​

Pharmacy Cover

Get Prescribed Medications within your chosen plan’s limit at no extra cost.​

Physioteraphy Cover

Get the best physiotherapy care from licensed professionals on our Providers’ list.​

Psychiatric Cover

Access to psychiatric services and rehabilitation from licensed providers.​

How We Are Different

Excellent Customer Service delivery team

Leadway is always known for excellence and this is no different with our health team. We have assembled a team of seasoned healthcare administrators from the health insurance industry. These set of individuals have a complete understanding of customer journey, excellent patient experience, delivering superior service, Empathy and overall patient satisfaction. This is the driving force behind the Leadway Health value proposition.

Leadway AI enable APP

To make our services seamless for all our enrollees, we have invested in our AI enabled app to ensure services required by enrollees are within reach. Automating our process is very key for us, from onboarding-enrollee identification-claims are done via several apps/portals including corporate, broker, provider and enrollee portals that are all linked to each other.

Pharmacy Benefit Program

We understand the feedback within the industry on getting standard drugs so we have created a scheme to ensure this is curbed. Genuine drugs from Manufacturers delivered to the office for those with chronic ailments. Pick up from partner pharmacist for acute cases. Our Chronic conditions management programs for hypertension and hypotension, diabetes, HIV and other chronic conditions are handled by medical doctors in our team.

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