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We care for your staff
as much as you do

We care for your staff
as much as you do

Explore our Group Health Plan options designed for Small, medium and large businesses

Flexible Options,
Better Benefits


With Plus, your staff get access to quality healthcare that keeps them healthy, happy and productive. Premium from N65,500/year.


It’s always a win-win with our Pro plan and the real Pros know this.​Sign up your staff to enjoy health insurance that works. Premium from N85,500/year.


Everyone is happy and healthy with our Max Plan. Your staff get to enjoy access to some of the best healthcare providers in Nigeria, UAE and India. Premium from N172,100/year.

Pro Max

Get your staff premium care and other special benefits that boost their productivity and enhances their lifestyles.​Premium from N275,370/year.


This plan is on a class of its own, specially designed for employers that want their staff to enjoy premium healthcare access and unlimited coverage. Premium from N544,445/year.

Frequently Asked

How many staff does a company require to be eligible for a corporate plan?2022-04-05T16:36:17+01:00

Minimum of 20 staff for the corporate plan and 10 staff for the SME plan (However SMEs must all be on the same plan).

Are pre-existing health conditions covered under the corporate plans?2022-04-06T16:01:43+01:00

Yes, pre-existing health conditions are covered for all staff. However we ask that you disclose your condition at the commencement of the health plan to benefit from our Chronic Disease Management Program. Click LINK TO REGISTER AND A CALL BACK to find out more.

How can I easily onboard my staff with Leadway Health?2022-04-06T16:02:19+01:00

HR Managers and Business Owners can onboard staff, track coverage packages, generate reports and so much more through our Corporate Portal. Click LINK TO REGISTER AND A CALL BACK to find out more.

Can I register with more than one hospital?2022-04-05T16:40:09+01:00

Leadway Health offers a one-of-a-kind roaming hospital service for all enrollees on the corporate plan. You can access any provider available on your plan type on the go, anywhere in Nigeria.

How will I know if the treatment I need will be covered?2022-04-05T16:40:35+01:00

A summary of benefits coverage for your plan type is made available to your HR team or via the Mobile App.

How many dependants can I register under my corporate plan?2022-04-05T16:41:03+01:00

This is dependent on your company policy. However, standard cover is Staff, Spouse and 4 biological children.

Can I upgrade my plan whenever I wish?2022-04-05T16:41:28+01:00

Upgrades are only allowed at policy inception and renewal. A 30 days grace is provided for this change at each interval.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist physician?2022-04-05T16:42:23+01:00

No, Specialist care can be pre-booked before a visit if you do not want to see a GP – Send a mail to for assistance.

What services is my baby covered for on the Leadway Health Plan?2022-04-05T16:43:00+01:00

All Newborn babies on the Leadway Health Corporate plan are covered under the mother’s plan within the first 6 weeks of life. Babies should be registered soon after birth to receive care after the neonatal period. In addition to their benefits coverage, babies on the Leadway Health plan receive immunization, well-baby checks at their primary care provider and are covered under the Baby wellness programme.

Can I access medical services outside Nigeria with this plan?2022-04-05T16:44:10+01:00

Yes, you may access care out Nigeria at regions available on your plan type for cases that cannot be properly managed within the country.

Can I subscribe for a Pre-employment test package for my staff even without a Corporate Plan?2023-06-06T10:58:38+01:00

Yes, Leadway Health we offer affordable tailor-made Pre-employment Tests to suit your work environment. CLICK LINK TO FIND OUT MORE.

The Leadway Health Advantage

More than the ordinary.

We have an array or programs, partnerships and special benefits in place to offer you more than just health care. 

From access to gyms and nutritional centers to keep you in top physical form; to our Employee Wellness Program that offers mental health care and advisory services- your staff are in the best hands.

Bringing Healthcare Closer To You

Your convenience is key for us. We keep churning out new improved ways to make life easier for you and your staff. ​

As an HR manager or administrator, our Corporate portal allows you to complete the entire process on your mobile or desktop device with little or no paper work. ​

With our Mobile App for Enrollees, access to care and information is at your fingertips. ​

We also offer concierge medical and pharmacy services that allow you to get your drugs delivered to your preferred location and also get your babies vaccinated at home.

Some Of Our Cherished Corporate Clients

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