Leadway Health collects, holds, and processes certain personal data about our Customers, Business Contacts, Potential Customers, Suppliers and Contractors (“data subjects”). As a data subject, you have a right, under Nigeria Data Protection Regulation, NDPR 2019 to find out about our use of your personal data as follows:

·         Confirmation that your personal data is being processed by us;

·         Access to your personal data;

·         How we use your personal data and why;

·         Details of any sharing or transfers of your personal data;

·         How long we hold your personal data; etc.

The process of finding this out is known as a subject access request or SAR. Kindly execute the form to know more.

Note: By completing this form, you consent that Leadway Health would use your personal data to process your request and provide you with a relevant response to your inquiries.