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Wide Network of Local & International Providers

Access over 7,000 health care providers worldwide in about 170 countries and 6 continents who have been carefully selected to ensure that no matter where you are or where you visit in the world, you can receive prompt and reliable care if the need arises.

Telemedicine Service

Speak or Chat with a doctor from the comfort of your own home by accessing the Telemedicine section of our mobile app.

Interactive AI-Enabled App

Enjoy seamless self -service with our AI enabled app that ensures that you have needed control over how you are serviced.

Pharmacy Benefit Program

Genuine drugs from Manufacturers will be delivered to the office or home of enrollees with chronic ailments. A Pick up option from partner pharmacist closest to you is also available for acute cases.

Free Travel Insurance

Our enrollees enjoy Travel insurance coverage throughout the year at NO EXTRA cost.

Preventive Healthcare

Health booths in offices, Partnerships with Gyms and Nutritional Stores, General wellness programme, Baby wellness programme, Health talks and On-site health checks for corporate clients.

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