It’s a new year, and as usual, you’ve written down a number of health and fitness goals you plan to achieve this year. This is a gentle reminder that those goals won’t work unless you do.

To ensure we tick these goals as “done” at the end of the year, we have compiled some tips that would ensure you stay on the right track throughout the year!

Some useful tips to help you achieve your health goals

  1. Be realistic

You have to think realistically when you’re setting a health goal. For example, for a person who has not exercised in a while, starting your fitness routine with 200 squats a day is highly unrealistic. Setting a goal to work out 7days a week is also very unrealistic for a 9-5ver with a very tight schedule. Remember to always start on a comfortable and sustainable level,  then build up your capacity.

2. Take it a day at a time

If you do not see results in two weeks, don’t give up on your health and fitness goals. It takes consistency to build habits and oftentimes we do not see the results immediately, so take it a day at a time.

3. Have an accountability partner

Another tip to achieving these goals is to have someone that would hold you accountable at every stage. This would force you to stay on track. It could be your personal trainer,  gym partner,  friend, etc.

4.  Reward your success

To encourage and motivate yourself,  ensure you give yourself a reward when you hit a milestone. The rewards should not be items or activities that go against your goals. For example, you shouldn’t reward yourself with an all-you-can-eat buffet for being consistent at the gym for three months, you can get yourself a new clothing item that you have been eyeing instead.

5. If you fail, learn and try again

If you fail to achieve your health goals this year, don’t beat yourself up. Little progress made is still progress! Learn from your mistakes,  restrategize and go again!

We are rooting for you to achieve all your health and fitness goals this year!