According to WHO, Malaria is the third largest killer of children under 5 years among the infectious diseases, and for every five malaria cases, four are fatal in Nigeria. So one might say we are at war with this deadly disease that is still being taken lightly.

For every war, you need the right tools and equipment to help you fight and hopefully win. Here is a list of tools that will help you fight this disease and its carriers, mosquitoes.

Insecticide-treated net

Popularly known as mosquito nets, these treated nets serve as personal protection for people while they sleep. They are hung over the bed to create a protective barrier against mosquitoes. This helps reduce your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito and getting Malaria.

Mosquito treated net


This is commonly known as “flit” in some communities. Insecticides are toxic substances used to kill flying and crawling insects, one of which is the mosquito. They usually come in a spray container, and you are expected to shut all the doors and windows, spray the areas you want mosquito-free and exit these areas until the smell subsides. This also serves as a protection against Malaria.


Long pants and long sleeves

These include your trousers, leggings, long-sleeved tops, and any other clothing materials that cover the exposed parts of your body. By wearing these types of clothing, you limit the skin area mosquitoes have to bite on (especially if you are outside after sunset) and possibly infect you.

Window and Door Screens

Screens or nets on your windows and doors prevent mosquitoes from getting into your homes, keeping them relatively mosquito-free, thereby reducing the chances of anyone in that setting getting Malaria.

Mosquito Lasers

These devices shoot light lasers at mosquitoes, causing them to overheat and die. These lasers can be hung on the ceilings at your home or kept in the center and corners of the room. Having this device reduces the chances of getting Malaria by killing the source.

Malaria is not a simple disease and should not be treated as such. Getting these tools would give you a fighting chance against this disease. If you find out/think that you have Malaria, please do not self-medicate but contact a Doctor through Leadway Health.