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Leadway umatter

Introducing Leadway Umatter, a medical
insurance plan for corporate membership.

Introducing Leadway Umatter, a medical
insurance plan for corporate membership.

Over 7000 Health Providers in




How Leadway umatter is
doing things differently

How Leadway is
doing things differently

How Leadway is
doing things differently

How Leadway umatter is
doing things differently

Global Coverage

No matter where you live or your traveling destination, you can access healthcare across the globe.

Personalized Service

Because you matter most to us, we deliver personalized, world class services and benefits. It is our top-priority.

Flexible Service

You now have the ability to mix and match your selective benefits based on your preferences.

Leadway umatter
Unique Health Plan

Leadway umatter
Unique Healthcare International HMO Plan

The basis of the Leadway Umatter Health Insurance Plan is the Serious Matter. This has core benefits as well as add-ons
which can also be purchased to ensure all your health needs are covered.

Create your own
Health Cocktail

These includes core benefits and services that form the
foundation of your health insurance plan. This covers
everything from key hospital procedures, surgeries, tests
and treatments.

Daily Matters – Add On

Sometimes, ‘life happens’, and we have essential day-to-day benefits such as GP and specialist visits, medical tests, accident-related dental treatment and even advanced imaging such as MRI, CT and PET scans.

Family Matters – Add On

If you are thinking of starting a family or growing your family, this plan is for you. It covers everything from prenatal care and maternity cover to childbirth benefits. It also includes post-natal and newborn care.

Opti-Denti Matters – Add On

It matters to us you’re seeing a bright future and smiling about it. We offer optional dental treatment and benefits, including preventive tests and checks as well as routine dental maintenance, glasses and contact lenses.

Wellness Matters – Add On

A healthy body needs a healthly mind. Our optionall wellness benefits include cover for full wellness screenings and preventative test as well as psychology treatments and complementary medicine practitioners.

To get more information on everything about Leadway Umatter and what it offers.
Click the button below to download the Leadway Umatter brochure.

Enjoy flexible
healthcare today!

Frequently Asked

What is an International Plan?2022-04-05T16:47:24+01:00

This plan is for clients who want full coverage in and outside the country.

Does the international plan also cover for travel insurance?2022-04-05T16:47:48+01:00

Yes, there is a complimentary travel insurance cover on the plan.

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