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4000+ Providers
Worldwide and we’re not done yet

We are partners with the best of the best licensed and accredited health care providers worldwide. Think your facility has what it takes to provide top notch care to our enrollees?​

Come join us



Diagnostics Center

Specialist Clinics


Gyms and Nutritional stores

Why Join Our Network?

Providers Portal

You can say goodbye to long and tedious paperwork. Our providers portal is specially designed to help you verify enrollee information and process everything you need, from approvals to claims and payments.

Prompt Claims
Processing and Payment

We have an impeccable reputation for quick and timely claims payment. Our system is designed to process your payment 24hrs after you file your claims.


We’re available round the clock to provide support and respond to your queries and requests promptly.

Frequently Asked

How can I join your provider network?2022-04-05T16:51:03+01:00

Healthcare providers such as hospitals, eye and dental clinics, pharmacies, gyms, nutritional stores, etc. that have registered, been screened and approved by our Provider Management Team are eligible to join the Leadway Health Provider Network. Click link to provider registration site to begin.

How soon before we start seeing enrollees in our facility?2022-04-05T16:51:57+01:00

Once you join our provider network, your facility will immediately be made available to all our enrollees.

How long does it take to verify and process approval codes?2022-04-05T16:52:34+01:00

Providers on our network have access to our provider portal (available 24/7) to verify members within seconds and request for approvals which will treated within minutes.

How long does claims payment take?2022-04-05T16:52:59+01:00

Claims are processed immediately after submission and payment made within 24hrs of processing. Payment frequency is according to provider preference with options for daily, weekly and monthly payments, with an automated payment advice and notification.

Who do I contact for more information?2022-04-05T16:53:40+01:00
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