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7 Things to Look Out for When Buying Health Insurance for Your Family

Investing in comprehensive health insurance in Nigeria is one of the best ways to safeguard your family’s health by providing them with access to quality healthcare. In this article, we will outline seven essential factors to consider when purchasing health insurance for your family and the services provided by Leadway Health Insurance. Why You Need Health Insurance for Your Family Family is everything, so as much as you can, you should ensure the health and well-being of your loved ones. A lot of families go into deep financial difficulty due to the health challenges of a member of the family. What health insurance does is offer financial protection against these unplanned, unforeseen medical expenses and allow your family to receive the necessary medical care without worrying about the cost. In Nigeria, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) play a crucial role in providing health insurance coverage. 1. Coverage and Benefits Carefully reviewing [...]

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5 dangers of not having health insurance in Nigeria in 2023

Access to quality healthcare is now a vital aspect of modern-day living, but not everyone understands the importance of having health insurance in Nigeria in 2023. According to recent statistics, Nigeria has one of the lowest health insurance coverage rates in the world, with less than 10% of the population covered by health insurance in today's world, where healthcare costs are skyrocketing, having health insurance has become a necessity. It not only provides financial security but also ensures access to quality healthcare. However, there are still many people who do not have health insurance in Nigeria, putting themselves at risk of various health and financial problems. Five dangers of not having health insurance in Nigeria Financial Burden: One of the most significant dangers of not having health insurance is the financial burden it can create. Healthcare costs are on the rise, and without insurance, one may end up paying huge [...]

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