Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microorganisms persistently grow in the presence of drugs designed to kill them. This means that the microorganisms become immune to the drugs that are designed to kill them.

This could become an issue because it means new and most likely- stronger medications have to be prescribed. Here are some important facts about antimicrobial resistance you should keep in mind-

It can affect people at any stage of life

Antimicrobial resistance isn’t limited to age. It can happen to anyone no matter the age.

Non-completion of prescribed medication

When you don’t complete your medications as prescribed by your doctor, you give the microorganisms that caused your sickness the opportunity to come back stronger. Completing your medications ensures that the cycle is completed and the organisms are completely wiped out.


When you take medications that have not been prescribed by a Doctor, you risk making the disease you are trying to treat resistant to the drugs you are using. This is because these may not be the right medications for the condition. You also risk killing the good (not harmful) bacteria in your body or causing them to evolve and become more resistant to that antibiotic in the future.

Multi-drug therapy may combat these

When microorganisms become resistant to a particular antibiotic, a combination of other antibiotics may be able to destroy them.  These drugs must however be recommended to you by a Doctor.

Do not self-medicate….

Always complete your medications as prescribed….